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Taking roving entertainment to the next level.

Cameo Rascale Entertainment are proud to be the first to bring the Sway Pole apparatus to Western Australia. Made in Germany, sway poles are used to create dynamic movements and visually striking displays. Performers manipulate the flexible poles, causing them to bend and sway, while maintaining balance and control.

The poles are 5 meters long. The bottom part is placed into a base and the performer hooks themself to a harness at the top. Using their weight and the flexibility of the pole the artist is then able to move and execute acrobatic figures that can range way over the initial foot print of the apparatus.

Sway poles are made with top-of-the-line material, engineer approved and expertly machined. Sway Poles are used in some of the biggest show business companies and events around the world like Cirque du Soleil.

Basic Requirements:

  • Ceiling height can be no less than 7m

  • Base of 1x apparatus is 4m in diameter

The perfect addition to your next event to welcome guests into a space. Each sway leaves guests trembling with excitement and in awe whilst admiring such a breathtaking act.

For more information please contact via email.

Book now to elevate your next event.

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