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Multi skilled workshops for ages 4+.

Cameo Rascale Entertainment offers workshops for ages 4+ and all levels of experience.


Our workshops are designed to engage participants in a fun, challenging and motivational environment with the aim of each person learning the basis of the skill.


Suitable for school groups, team building, parties, festivals and private functions. Run time can be from 45 minutes - 1 hour. 

Skills that can be taught in our workshops are listed below.

Please contact for further information on pricing.

IMG_8559 1.jpg


Learning the basic juggling pattern of 3 balls, rings or clubs.



Learning how to spin & toss the diabolo using two hand sticks.



Learning how to swing poi and create different patterns & tricks.

poi NEW.png

Stilt Walking

Learning how to maintain balance and walk on stilts. (1-3ft height)


Juggling Sticks

Learn how to toss & perform spinning tricks with juggling sticks.

juggling sticks NEW.png

Ring Manipulation

Learn how to manipulate & make patterns with 4 rings.

8 ring.png

Adagio/Partner Lifting

Learn how to lift a partner into different poses & positions.


Multi Skill

Choose up to 4 skills to include in your custom workshop.

workshop multi NEW.png
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