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Cameo Rascale Entertainment presents..


‘Cirque Nouvelle’ – a new evolution of circus.

After a sell out shows in 2023 and 2024 this internationally acclaimed all-star cast are back and ready to present a truly unique and versatile production.

This multitalented line up of circus performers, each world class in their own right, have combined their acrobatic, juggling, aerial and cyr wheel talents together to create a show like no other. This outstanding cast are led by a quirky ringmaster struggling with a fear common among us all... change.

Cirque Nouvelle explores the elemental theme of old versus new and how circus has changed over the years from the classic ‘Big Top’ featuring performing animals to the now modern day circus’ headlining in state of the art theatres around the world with extravagant technology, lighting and costuming.

It is with great honour we invite you to embark on this heart-warming journey which is sure to thrill, captivate and amaze the whole family.

"This is a visually stunning show that held both adults and children in awe. A very enjoyable production." - Stage Whispers

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S H O W  D U R A T I O N :

75 minutes

T A R G E T  A U D I E N C E :

Family show. Ages 4+

H O W  I T ’ S  P R E S E N T E D :

Cirque Nouvelle is presented as a circus variety show. It is a professional production that has

been created to perform specifically in theatres that have access to aerial rigging points, fly

bars and opportunity for extensive lighting design. These elements are integral for the vision of

achieving a modern day circus in a theatre combining world class performers, new technology

and a quirky ring master who carries a heart warming story line through out the show.

When creating the show, the producers aim is to create a universal appeal to an audience of all

ages. The show has been designed to run seamlessly with fluid transitions between each artists

individual acts. Each artist has been hired due to their level of professionalism, talent and ability

to deliver a world class performance, showing audiences skills they may not have seen before.


"The capacity crowd were rapt from start to finish during this action filled show." - Stage Whispers

Contact Us

If you're interested in bringing Cirque Nouvelle to a theatre near you, please express your interest via email

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