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Cameo Rascale are an internationally acclaimed acrobatic, comedy, juggling act. In 2009 the family acrobatic act made it through to the Grand Final of 'Australia's Got Talent.’ The talented husband and wife duo, James and Rebecca Capener, bring a new dynamic of exciting skills to the stage, performing on international cruise lines, hotels and resorts all around the world. Cameo Rascale offer a unique variety show, engaging audiences with a combination of juggling, acrobatics, balancing, dance, ring manipulation, LED effects, diabolo, unicycling and comedy. A high energy performance suitable for all ages to enjoy.

A little bit of history..

James Capener was born to entertain. His first performance was at the age of 4, inspired by his parents who were an acrobatic duo, also known as Cameo Rascale.

The family acrobatic act performed together for over 10 years, appearing on Australia's Got Talent in 2009 which was a highlight in their career. 

After the family retired, James continued the legacy and is now joined by his wife, Rebecca.

Pictured below - James and his family on AGT 2009.

family AGT 2009.jpg
acrobatic, comedy, juggling variety act Cameo Rascale
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